At OBD 2 Truck, we understand the difficulties customers face when using their new truck and car diagnostic tools. Although OBD2 scanners, code readers and garage equipment are known for their simplicity of use, still, some users may not be exploiting the full potential of their purchases.

The learning process can be time-consuming and can lead to multiple failures, which can be inconvenient and expensive. So we're here to empower you and prevent you from making mistakes or trying to learn on your customers' vehicles. OBD 2 Truck is here to offer support and make your journey easier.

Contact us to receive personalized assistance. Our team is ready to assist you, whether through online training, via remote meeting, or in person. We have trained professionals to clarify all your doubts about the products purchased. Whatever the challenge, we're committed to ensuring you get the most out of your diagnostic tool.

Scania Workstation Course - SDP3, Multi, XCOM:

Discover Scania's secrets with specialized modules in SDP3, Multi, XCOM. Become the master of heavy vehicle diagnostics, transcending the limits of conventional knowledge.

Cummins Workstation Course - Cummins Insite and Calterm:

To work with the Inline 6 tool you can explore new horizons with cummins insite and calterm, perform diagnostics and programming.

Volvo File Reading and Writing Training - PTT, DevTool, Visfed, Encrypt-Decrypt, AcessPass, Xml Editor:

Our Volvo File Read and Write training is designed to enable automotive professionals to master the essential techniques for diagnosing and reprogramming Volvo brand vehicles.

Microcontroller Read and Write Training with KESSv2 and PCMflash:

Dive into advanced reprogramming tools with KESSv2 and PCMflash training. Unleash the power of optimization and personalization by becoming the architect of automotive performance.

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Discover a carefully chosen selection of vehicle diagnostic tools in our online store. We offer the best brands, advanced scanners and reliable equipment, ready to meet all the professional needs your journey requires.

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