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Keep your fleet of Scania trucks up and running with our expert remote help
Dear customer,

Have you ever encountered problems with your Scania vehicle and don't know how to solve them? We have the perfect solution for you! We are specialists in remote support for Scania vehicles, from basic to advanced, offering calibration services, verifications, parts replacement with SDP3, advanced parameter changes with XCOM, changes in SOPS files and projects and changes in BICT.

But what exactly are these technologies?

SDP3 is a diagnostic software used to perform calibrations and checks on Scania vehicles, in addition to allowing the replacement of parts accurately and efficiently. With SDP3, it is possible to monitor vehicle performance and perform preventive maintenance, ensuring the durability and safety of your vehicle.

XCOM, on the other hand, is software used to make changes to advanced parameters of the Scania vehicle, allowing you to customize its performance according to your needs. With XCOM, it is possible to optimize fuel consumption, increase engine power and improve vehicle performance in many ways.

The SOPS files, in turn, are responsible for controlling the operation of the Scania vehicle's fuel injection system. By changing these files, it is possible to further improve vehicle performance, increasing engine power and efficiency.

Finally, BICT is an energy management system used in Scania vehicles. With designs and changes in BICT, it is possible to customize your vehicle's energy management system, allowing for more efficient consumption and even better performance.

With all these technologies at your disposal, you can be sure that your Scania vehicle will always be in perfect condition, with optimized performance and maximum efficiency. Don't waste any more time with problems with your vehicle, contact us and request our remote support services for Scania vehicles right now.

Sincerely, OBD 2 Truck team.


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