Exchanges and Returns

If you chose your product in our virtual store, but, upon receiving it, you found that there is a manufacturing defect, or even if you were dissatisfied with the product purchased, we guarantee your right to exchange or return. All occurrences involving exchanges or refunds will be dealt with as provided for in the Consumer Protection Code. The cost of returning/shipping the purchased products is borne by the buyer.

Before sending your product to our store for us to check it out, it would be wise to take a few steps so that we can try to resolve your issue before shipping.

Step 1

Option 1: In the support column click on “returns and exchanges”.

Option 2: Call us or WhatsApp us at (+55 (12) 9 8121-9124).

step 2

Record a video of the product malfunction and send it to us via email or WhatsApp. We will observe the malfunction of the equipment and guide you in case you are performing a wrong procedure.

step 3

If your problem is not resolved. Pack the product well (preferably in the original packaging) and send it to us. Mark your item with the return form (we will send it to you by email) and after receiving it we will make a video testing the operation of your tool.

step 4

We will examine your product for integrity and condition once we receive your returned item. Within a few days you will receive the new product (exchanges) or a refund of its value.


The maximum period for reporting the occurrence of defective products is 60 days after purchase. The product must be sent to Obd 2 Truck and will undergo an evaluation. If no defect is detected, it will be sent to the customer.


We request that receipt be refused if any type of violation of the product is noticed, such as;

Opened or damaged packaging;
Damaged product;
Product not in accordance with the order.

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