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Cummins Inline 6 - Advanced Diagnostic Tool for Trucks and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Cummins Inline 6 - Advanced Diagnostic Tool for Trucks and Heavy Duty Vehicles

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The inline 6 can communicate with your computer via a 9-pin serial connector. The inline 6 can also communicate with your computer over a universal serial bus (usb) via a standard 4-pin connector. The inline 6 adapter connects to the vehicle's power, SAE J1708/J1587 data link, and two CAN/J1939 data links via a 25-pin serial connector.

Fully compliant with the Technology and Maintenance Council's RP1210 standard, the inline 6 will work with the latest insite, powerspec and calterm iii software applications.

It will also work with any other software applications that are fully compliant with the rp1210 standard (note that while some non-applications fully support rp1210, others do not, so you must test each application in question with the inline 6 adapter to make this determination).

The eye-catching inline 6 breaks new ground by utilizing the latest electronic technology to deliver high performance and high quality at an attractive price.

Each in-line kit contains a data link adapter, basic cables and the inline computer software driver. Load the software driver, plug in all the gear, and you're ready to usher in a new era in data link adapters.


1. Supports SAE J1708/J1587 and J1939/CAN data links
2. Both ports can auto detect between 250 & 500 kbps
3. Supports USB full speed port at up to 2m baud rate
4. Custom USB cable includes thumb screws for secure mounting to inline 6
5. Supports RS-232 pcs serial port at up to 115.2k baud rate
6. It is fully compliant with TMC standard RP1210
7. Small enough to fit in your pocket
8. Attractive black powder coated aluminum housing provides sturdiness
9. drift 8 va 50 v dc vehicle power
10. Controlled by advanced 140MHz 32-bit Freescale processor for maximum speed and performance
11. Includes 6 LEDs to indicate power status, USB, RS-232, J1708/J1587, and two CAN communication ports
12. Both ports of the CAN support sae j1939, sae j2534 and iso 15765 protocols
13. Inline 6 is certified to meet European CE requirements
14. Rated for -40° to +85°C operating temperature
15. Inline 6 meets stringent in-cab environmental test requirements


    1 x Inline 6 Data Link Adapter (p/n 2892093)
    1 x 14-foot USB cable (p/n 2892176)
    1 x db25f/9-pin data link cable (p/n 4919780)
    1 x db25f/3pin/3pin/2pin cable (p/n 4919797)
    1 x J1939 Gender Change Adapter (p/n 3163597)
    1 x J1939 Backbone Adapter (p/n 3163096)
    1 x OBDII cable (p/n 4919781)
    1 x komatsu 12 pin cable
    1 x Inline 6 Software CD (p/n 2892095) include Insite 7.6.2 + Keygen + InPower


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    WhatsApp: (12) 9 8121-9124.
    Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.


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