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Scania Multi (v21.120.0.0.) - Parts Catalog and Service Manuals

Scania Multi (v21.120.0.0.) - Parts Catalog and Service Manuals

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Scania Multi (v21.120.0.0.) - Parts Catalog and Service Manuals

Scania Multi is the definitive electronic catalog for original Scania parts, offering complete information on all items available until 2022. This software is essential for mechanic workshops, parts stores and accessories for heavy and light vehicles, buses and engines, providing details accurate technical and original equipment references.

Main Features

Detailed Information: Access to manuals, parts books, technical specifications and original equipment references.

Intuitive Interface: Simplified search by type, original number, model name, among other criteria.

Multilingual Support: Available in multiple languages, including English, German, Danish, French, Italian and Spanish.

Benefits for Workshops and Stores

Efficiency : Facilitates identification and retrieval of replacement parts, supplies and accessories.

Complete Documentation: Includes safety data sheets, installation instructions, vehicle identification cards, parts bulletins and more.

Cross Reference: Allows comparison between standard and non-standard parts, optimizing the selection of the correct parts.

Model Coverage


- Series L, P, G, R, S (2016 -)

- Series P, G, R, T (2003-2018)

- Series 4 (1994-2008)

- Series 3 (1987-1996)


- Series C and Series K (from 2020)

- Series F, K, N (2004-)

- Series 4 (1994-2010)

- Series 3 (1987-1999)


- E2011 (2010-)

- P96 (1996-2017)

- 5 Series Engine

- Series 4 industrial and marine engines

Technical specifications

Name: Scania Multi (Electronic parts catalogue)

Release Year: 2019

Developer: Scania AG


Edition: 2203 (03.2023)

Supported Languages: Multilingual, including Portuguese

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Pro (x86/x64)

CPU: Intel/AMD 2 GHz Dual Core or higher

RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended)

Disk Space: 60 GB available (120 GB recommended)


Installation of Scania Multi Software (v21.120.0.0): Remote support available (schedule your installation via WhatsApp).

Recommended Use

To obtain maximum functionality, it is recommended to use Scania Multi in conjunction with other Scania diagnostic software, such as Scania SDP3 and Scania XCOM, together with the VCI3 interface.

Customer Support and Contact Information

We are always ready to offer the best service. If you need help or have questions, please contact us via email at or via WhatsApp .

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm. Count on us for any support you need!

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