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KESS V2 (5.017): Next-Generation ECU Programmer for Automotive Optimization

KESS V2 (5.017): Next-Generation ECU Programmer for Automotive Optimization

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Kess V2 (5.017) - Master Version for Car, Truck, Tractor and Bike

You, who are a professional in the field of automotive mechanics, deserve to have the definitive tool for ECU reprogramming in your hands. We present Kess V2 (5.017) - Master Version, a complete and innovative solution for cars, trucks, tractors and even bicycles. With support for more than 140 protocols, this is the tool that will revolutionize your work.

Why is Kess V2 (5.017) a must-have for you?

1. Total Versatility: Compatible with all major brands and protocols, including LIN, CAN, EDC17, MED17 and Ford J1850. Whatever the vehicle, the Kess V2 is up to the task.

2. Ease of Use: Read and write to the ECU directly through the OBD2 port, without the need to disassemble the equipment. All this with a safe and efficient process.

3. No Limits: Kess V2 is unlimited with no token restrictions for all vehicles. This means complete freedom to perform as many operations as necessary.

What is an ECU?

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is the electronic brain of the vehicle. It controls various engine parameters and other vehicle systems to ensure the best performance and efficiency. Reprogramming the ECU means adjusting these settings to improve performance, save fuel, or adapt the vehicle to specific conditions.

How does Kess V2 (5.017) make your job easier?

The Kess V2 allows you to connect to the ECU via the OBD2 port, a standard connector found on most modern vehicles. Here are the basic steps for using Kess V2:

1. Connection: Connect the Kess V2 to the vehicle's OBD2 port.

2. Reading: Use Kess V2 to read the current data from the ECU. This data is essentially the "source code" that defines how the engine works.

3. Editing: Use ECM Titanium software to modify this data as necessary. This may include adjustments to increase horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, or fix specific problems.

4. Writing: Rewrite the modified data in the vehicle's ECU.

Detailed Benefits of Kess V2

Simplified Access via OBD:

- No disassembly: You do not need to disassemble the vehicle to access the ECU. Just plug the Kess V2 into the OBD2 port.

- Fast and efficient: The entire reading and writing process can be done in a few minutes, saving time and increasing productivity.

Wide Compatibility:

- Various makes and models: Whatever the make or model of the vehicle, the Kess V2 has wide compatibility.

- Diverse Protocols: Support for over 140 protocols ensures you can work with virtually any vehicle on the market.

Security and Reliability:

- No token limits: Unlike other tools that limit the number of uses, Kess V2 offers unlimited use.

- Automatic Checksum Correction: Kess V2 automatically checks data integrity to ensure that no critical information is corrupted during the reprogramming process.

- Secure Programming: The system ensures that all reading and writing operations are carried out safely, protecting both the tool and the vehicle.

Additional Resources

Multilingual Support: The software supports multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French, making it easy to use for technicians around the world.

Technical specifications:

Name: Kess V2 (5,017)

Version: Software V2.47 / Firmware V5.017

Compatibility: Car, truck, tractor, motorcycle, boats

Function: Via OBDII

No Token Limitation

Weight: 0.5kg

Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Packing List:

  • 1 x Kess V2 main unit (5,017)
  • 1 x tricore module
  • 1 x tricore cable
  • 1 x OBD2 standard cable
  • 1 x 144300K ​​can
  • 1 x K4 cable
  • 1 x universal cable
  • 1 x USB cable

Customer Support and Contact Information:

We are ready to offer the best service. If you need help or have questions, please contact us via email at or via WhatsApp . Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm. Count on us for any support you need!

Transform your automotive service with Kess V2 (5.017) and offer the best to your customers. Buy now and raise the standard of your business!

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