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Scania VCI3 Full Chip - Vehicle Communication Interface 3

Scania VCI3 Full Chip - Vehicle Communication Interface 3

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Scania VCI3 Full Chip - Vehicle Communication Interface 3

The Scania VCI3 Full Chip Diagnostic Interface is the cutting edge of technological innovation in automotive diagnostic tools, custom designed to meet the demanding maintenance and analysis demands of Scania trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. Designed for highly qualified professionals in automotive maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, mechanical engineering and technological research, this advanced tool provides a total, high-precision solution for diagnosis and maintenance.

Equipped with Full Chip technology, the VCI3 expands compatibility and functionality, accessing all Scania diagnostic systems that operate on CAN networks. This device redefines the standards of conventional diagnostic tools by integrating Wi-Fi connectivity to enable complex diagnostics and detailed maintenance without the constraints of physical cables, significantly improving operational efficiency in different working environments.

The VCI3 has a broad set of functionalities, including reading and interpreting error codes, real-time monitoring of vehicle operational data, calibration of electronic components and carrying out specific functional tests. These capabilities are enhanced by cutting-edge diagnostic software, which facilitates in-depth analysis and application of accurate corrections, ensuring Scania vehicles maintain their optimum performance and reliability.

Perfect for authorized workshops, service centers and research institutions focused on advancing heavy-duty automotive technology, the Scania VCI3 Full Chip Diagnostic Interface is indispensable for professionals who value diagnostic accuracy, maintenance effectiveness and technological innovation. Its ability to provide accurate real-time diagnostics and solutions makes the VCI3 a crucial element in keeping the Scania vehicle fleet operating at maximum efficiency, safety and compliance.

Interface Features

Complete diagnostics for all CAN-based systems: Full access to all Scania vehicle systems operating via the CAN network, providing comprehensive diagnostics.

Calibration and adjustment of electronic components and systems: Precise calibration and adjustment of various components to maximize the performance and efficiency of vehicle systems.

Carrying out functional tests to verify the operation of components: Assessment of the functionality of specific components, identifying maintenance or adjustment needs.

Wireless connection via Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi connectivity that allows diagnostics and calibrations free from the limitations of physical cables, increasing the efficiency of maintenance processes.

Advanced Functions Through Software

Analysis of operational data and fault codes for accurate identification of module problems:

The SDP3 is capable of collecting and analyzing operational data in real time, as well as interpreting fault codes. This functionality allows technicians to accurately diagnose problems by identifying faults in specific vehicle modules. This makes it easier to quickly locate and resolve issues, optimizing vehicle downtime and ensuring repairs are targeted and effective.

Throttle timing and calibration adjustment for performance optimization:

SDP3 provides tools for fine-tuning critical vehicle parameters such as engine timing and throttle calibration. These adjustments are essential to ensure the vehicle operates at its optimum level of performance, providing improved fuel efficiency, engine response and compliance with emissions regulations.

Specialized diagnosis and repair for EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engines:

Modern Scania vehicles equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems benefit significantly from the SDP3's advanced diagnostic capabilities. The software supports detailed diagnostics of these complex systems, enabling the identification and repair of fuel injection-related faults. This includes the ability to adjust EFI system parameters, ensuring correct operation and maximizing engine efficiency.

Usage Requirements

Hardware Requirements: Notebook with 3 GB of RAM and 24 GB HDD, SSD recommended, and at least I5 2 GHz Processor.

Compatible Operating System: Windows 7, 8, or 10 Pro (64x & 32x bits).

Compatible Diagnostic Software: Scania SDP3 version 2.18 or higher.

Specialist Training: To make the most of the capabilities of the Scania VCI3 Diagnostic Interface and SDP3 software, it is highly recommended that users attend specialist training. This training is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of both the VCI3 interface and SDP3 software, covering operational details, functionalities and best practices for the effective diagnosis and maintenance of Scania vehicles.

Technical specifications

  • Manufacturer: Imported
  • Brand: VCI3 Full Chip 999654
  • Model: VCI3 v2.21
  • Condition: New
  • NP: 5,696,911
  • Weight: 0.200 kg
  • Dimensions: [3 x 3 x 18] cm
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and more.

Warning: Not applicable to trucks and engines manufactured before 2004.

Packing list

1 x Scania VCI3 Diagnostic Interface Tool.

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